About Hunter BIRO

Hunter Brain Injury Respite Options Inc (HBIRO) is a community-based service, which commenced operating in 1994 with funding from the Motor Accident Authority. In August 1996 the Ageing and Disability Department (ADD) commenced the recurrent funding arrangements.

Mission Statement
Hunter Brain Injury Respite Options Inc (Hunter BIRO) aims to be the leader in service provision of respite options to people with an acquired brain injury.

Our Philosophy
People who have had an acquired brain injury and their family should have access to a range of options for respite support, which reflects their individual needs and circumstances.

Individual needs change over time and our service will continue to provide flexibility in its service provision to continue to meet the changing needs of the Consumer, particularly in times of emergency.

Respite has traditionally been defined from the perspective of the Carer. Our service places its focus on the person with a disability as part of a family unit. In providing effective respite for this person, the service aims to maximise opportunities for positive experiences that contribute to improved quality of life, and personal empowerment.

Hunter BIRO Inc focuses on:-

Actively involving Consumers in decision making;

  • Respecting and supporting the Consumer's independency and dignity;
  • Maintaining the Consumer's existing skills;
  • Expanding the Consumer's skills
  • Assisting the Consumer to overcome the effects of their injury;
  • Enhancing the Consumer's long term community re-integration;
  • Being responsive to the diverse social, cultural, physical and emotional needs of Consumers;
  • Providing services in the most creative and cost efficient manner;
  • Facilitating positive outcomes in line with Consumer needs.

And will provide opportunities for the Consumer to:-

  • Participate in a package of differing respite options developed by them in conjunction with their family and the respite service.
  • Participate in regular community settings
  • Have age appropriate experiences
  • Integrate into the community and have new relationships; and
  • Experience peer support, within the role of Community Service Worker rather than caregiver.

In achieving these aims and objectives the Hunter BIRO Inc will:-

  • Value the contribution of the staff;
  • Be committed to their on-going training and development; and
  • Adhere to the principles of industrial democracy, occupational health and safety and equal employment opportunity