Entry Criteria

To be eligible to use the services of Hunter BIRO the person:

  • Must have an acquired brain injury
  • Must live with a main Carer and be unable to live alone
  • Must reside within the Hunter Region
  • May only have a brain injury which is not of a degenerative nature
  • Must be free of any substance abuse and remain so throughout the service provision period
  • Must be prepared to meet their own costs for respite activities
  • Who receives a disability or other type of pension will be required to pay a quarterly fee for use of the service
  • Who has received a settlement will be charged according to a sliding scale of fees
  • Who is of non- English speaking background will have the services of a professional interpreter made available to them to ensure that accurate information is both given and received
  • Hunter BIRO reserves the right to decline a service to any person with demonstrated severe behavioural disturbances that cannot be managed within the staffing and resources of the service

Priority will be given:

  • To people with high support needs and/or Carers who have high support needs e.g. because of age, single parent factors, health conditions, younger siblings
  • Where there is inadequate access to appropriate support systems
  • To people at risk of institutionalisation as a result of disabilities arising from their brain injury

 Please contact the following organisations in order to access a Service:

Organisation Phone Number Website
Hunter Brain Injury Respite Options Inc. (02) 4965 8111 www.hunterbiro.org.au
Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) 1300 205 268 www.adhc.nsw.gov.au
Disability Care Australia (NDIS) 1800 800 110 www.ndis.gov.au