Respite Services


Hunter BIRO provides flexible respite packages to meet individual needs to both adults and children in the Hunter Region. 
Being a life time Carer is often something you will not have planned.
The decision for you to provide care at home is likely to affect your home and family life, your work and social independence.
To be able to carry out your role as a Carer you need to maintain your own physical and emotion health.
Asking for and accepting assistance is sometimes difficult, but it can reduce some of the burden experienced with caring for someone 24hrs a day and enhance the relationship with the loved one you are caring for.
Respite provides the Carer with “some time out” from their caring role. It allows them time to recharge their batteries and time to relax knowing their loved one is being cared for by experienced staff trained specifically in acquired brain injuries.
Respite also provides the Client with the opportunity to engage in meaningful activities away from the home environment.
Hunter BIRO's flexible respite packages consist of Community Respite, Groups and / or In-House Respite.
The type of respite best suited for you would depend on the needs of you as a Carer and this would be determined after consultation between the Client, Carer and a trained Respite Planner.